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Apple ID Here are Apple ID specific items.
Create a Shared Apple ID We are creating a second Apple ID to share info with other people. Good examples of this is for spouses to share contacts (such as sitters, repair peo.....
Creating a calendar using Shutterfly Go through all the steps to create a calendar. Including exporting the pictures from Photos.
Drop Box A look at this helpful file sharing and cloud storage software.
GoDaddy Getting a domain name and hosting. then we set up email accounts and make things live.
iCloud Apple's iCloud is the cloud based solution for keeping all of your Apple devices in sync, managing your photos, maintaining contacts and more!
Lightroom Here are a few Lightroom classes to get you rolling.
Mac Mail, more coming soon Using Apple's Mac Mail program.
Mac OS Information on using the macOS. Terminology, Dock, Folders, Organizing and much More!
Miscellaneous items that are not in a particular section
Outlook Using Microsofts email application
Pages, more coming soon. Apple's word processor and page layout program. More coming.
Prepping for email transition Getting emails ready when switching email providers.
Prepping photos for online printing We go through the steps of getting pictures prepared to print online, we use Kodak on this example.
Printer and scanner related things All things printer and scanner related.
Printing your own photo with a custom size Export a picture from Photos to customize a print.
Screen Sharing with The MacSmith Walk through on screen sharing for support with The MacSmith
Simple Document creation in Pages and send it via email. Create a vert simple document in Pages and send it via email.
Skype Skype is a telecommunications application that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between devices.
Time Machine Learn how to back up your Mac using Apple built in software, Time Machine.
Tips Videos and PDF's from our Tips of the Day
Zoom Setting up and starting to use the Conferencing Application.

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