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# Video PDF Name
1 Adding images from Mac Mail into Apple Photos
2 Add images from Messages into Photos
3 Adding a Folder to the Dock
4 Catalina check
5 Video Frame
6 Preferred Network
7 Make a signature
8 Resize with dimensions
9 Format a hard drive for a PC to use.
10 Converting a PDF image to a JPEG
11 Setting up dictation and using it offline with Catalina and Big Sur
12 Changing the default application for a document
13 Open Wordperfect files. We download the application and use the program that will open them. Part 1
14 Making a custom signature for iPhone and iPad mail signature.
15 Saving the Wordperfect file into another format. Part 2
16 Erase your iPhone to return or pass on to another person.
17 Stop music from autoplaying after playlist is over.